Friday, September 22, 2006

The storm of PS3 news is here; still thunder and no lightning?

I will be labeled as "jumping on the bandwagon" although I've disliked Sony before anyone even talked Xbox 360, PS3, or "Revolution" lingo. But I'll point it out in fruitless attempt.

Warning, the following is link vomit.

More boring keynote action from Sony's own Krazy Ken Kutaragi. Apparently it was bad enough for everyone who owns DS's and not PSPs Pictochatted it up (surely leaving Nintendo smiling on their way to their secret gold coin mine). Bad translations and lack of visual stimuli were the scapegoats per Joystiq's bloggers.

Joystiq still brought us the long, somewhat confusing, and hardly worthwhile transcript here. For those more than mildly interested in the PS3, it's worth a skim.

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In other PS3 misfortunes, Joystiq denounces the current DMC4 build, and is appalled by Coded Arms: Assault. However, both games are in their early states.

Good News? Yes. Japanese people get a cheaper PS3, (but no other territories will see the love). All PS3's will get HDMI, which is good for new television owners. And apparently, Ridge Racer 7 DOESN'T SUCK! Lastly, Phil insists that several games are 60fps @ 1080p.

On Microsoft's side, there's also good and bad news that is actually worth mentioning. The good news is that Microsoft is *gasp* taking responsibility for faulty consoles from launch (pre 2005). I'm sure this can be viewed as bad and good equally. I'll take the good side, mainly because it took Sony a lawsuit before they did anything about the infamous Disc Read Error problem.

Ignorantly, Microsoft held a 360 event during the keynote which was very unpopulated. At least there was some Japanese school girls present to make them feel better, eh?

In the end, Sony hasn't really proven a whole lot, and Microsoft is being steadfast with their product. Many seem to be waiting for the big PS3 surprise that will remove breath from expecting victims fans. If they would waste less time gabbing and more time showing us why the PS3 is the ultimate superior nuclear cell-powered device of all time via games, then maybe the majority of gamers would stop complaining.


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