Monday, September 25, 2006

Microsoft wishes their sales numbers agreed with these Famitsu and CNET Polls

WTF is about all I could muster for the eternity of 5 seconds after reading about this.

The forum poster claims that this is a Famitsu based poll running during TGS. The google-translated version reveals that it is a poll asking gamers whether they want a Wii, a PS3, both, or neither and a 360.

Later in his post, he also points us towards CNET Japan's site (translation here). While this appears to be an interview with Peter Moore, I believe attention is to be drawn to the poll on the right (pictured above).

The question of the poll says (via google-translation):

If the next generation machine you buy, which? Wii and PS3 which appear more and more on end of year. And Xbox360 where the software is even. However every one is funny so, really you buy which hard? Poll acceptance period 2006 September 18th ~ 2006 September 28th

One can only ponder if this reflects anything at all. Maybe the new JRPG IP's (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Trusty Bell) for the 360 are wooing potential Japanese 360 gamers? Even if that were the magical case, these games would have to be released before purchase-worthy interest could follow.

I do want to note that the first poll doesn't appear to available to internet users while the second on is. Is Japan salvageable for Microsoft's vision?


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