Monday, October 02, 2006

Red vs Blue returns with Season 5

Those nut-jobs at Roosterteeth are back in hilarious action with Red vs Blue Season 5. I'm more pumped than the realultimatepower ninja kid.

Machinima is still in its youth, but it's coming a plenty. I'd have to say that Red vs Blue is the best in its class. So much so that I insist on being a sponsor; not only to get early access to their episodes, but because I want to support their efforts. It's good to see that Microsoft supports them as well, with the stock RvB video on the 360's and the "Out of Mind" series on the marketplace.

$10 for 6 months is a small price to pay for belly-ache-invoking comedy provided by the series. It'll "brighten" anyone's day. Even if you can't pay up, the public archives of previous seasons is hours of entertainment. is hoping that future episodes will be put up on the marketplace. Cheers to that!


Anonymous Raymond Dubisky said...

Microsoft and Roosterteeth should start putting the whole series on the marketplace. I know I'd watch them.

1:03 PM  

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