Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The 7 dwarves tidbit collection

What a boring day as far as news is concerned. Sure, there are little things to talk about, but nothing too impressive.

  1. EGM is going to have some supposedly impressive Halo 3 coverage. Just bring on the damn game already.

  2. PS3's were overheating at TGS (which lacked A/C, so surprise surprise).

  3. PS3 Accessories are cheap in Japan. Will we get similar pricing in the US?

  4. The PS3 is still colossal, and the Wii is still wee. We knew this.

  5. Microsoft confirmed that the 360 can send a digital video signal. This means HDMI is not out of the question.

  6. Someone can "achieve" 3000 gamerscore for you for $300. This scheme is mainly for rich and pathetic individuals who suck at games, are too lazy to play sports titles for easy points, and/or need a confidence boost.

  7. Lastly, FFXII is illegally available via torrents. Even with a modded PS2, downloading for several days, burning the DVD, and destroying your wimpy PS2 laser isn't worth it. Buy the damn game.


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