Monday, October 09, 2006

Who would you pick for Sony's "public frontman"? elaborates on Sony's need for a Major Nelson/Miyamoto/Reggie equivalent. My comments are already on the article:

Interesting article, you'll be getting note from my blog as well =)

I think the European Sony "wigs" (not Phil Harrison, but the other ones) prove to be a lot more interesting and a lot less dense than Hirai and Kutaragi. The current "three mustketeers" of Sony just can't tout the PS3 in a fun way. They make it taxing; even painful, whether reading, listening, or watching them.

More importantly, I think Sony needs reps that show interest in their fans (whether genuine or not), instead of directly treating them like full wallets. The attitude of "We sell the most, we're better, you have to buy it," is really sickening. Major/Reggie/Miyamoto leave you feeling like you WANT to buy it, not that you HAVE to.

'nuff said, eh?


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