Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bioshock strangles me for attention; gets it.

Up until recently, Bioshock hasn't been on my gaming radar. From skimming over articles, all I knew about the game was that it was underwater and it was a first person shooter. It looked good graphically, but an FPS has to be fairly spectacular in some way to really grab my attention. Games like Far Cry, Killzone, and Counterstrike don't really strike me in any aspect.

Halo 2 has great multiplayer, AVP2 has great single and multiplayer, the Suffering and Fear are downright creepy, Condemned has a thing for melee, etc. What separated this game from the pack?

Not long ago, this game trailer grabbed my attention. No, it pulled me out of the comfort zone of my daily driver and pummeled me senseless on a busy street. It left me wanting more, which is exactly a trailer's purpose (unlike Sony's incessant use of the Afrika trailer).

A Team Xbox preview enlightened me a bit by providing information on character/enemy interaction, and by explaning some of a demo experience. Bioshock is sounding like a horror movie you play, rather than a lame game based on a horror movie.

Welcome to my game radar, Bioshock.


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