Monday, October 16, 2006

Light Sony praise lingers among a throng of hard knocks

I'm going to have do a brief summary to cover everything I want. I apologize, as it's all I have time for.

As my mouth complains about often, apparently Playstation controllers are still going to suck. I'm disappointed that the triggers aren't praised, as they were a welcome addition in my mind. The analog sticks are still bound to be floppy and useless for gaming. Did I mention the SIXAXIS name is unnecessary and silly?

Sony is being naive about UMDs still. Personally, I think they've become a niche product for those who still insist the PSP is worth lugging around for anything.

Someone at joystiq finally decided to mention how the exploding Sony batteries are going to leave a mark. It affects gamers and those with a hard on for Playstation. There's a lot of money to be lost for Sony lately, so any Sony fan needs to be concerned.

As I've covered before, the Sony brand as a whole is in trouble, not just Playstation. In the 90's, I was all about Sony. Dozens of bad PS2s, bad DVD players, crappy car audio systems, and overly-proprietary Vaio computers later, Sony quality has taken a 180 degree turn.

At least (as I've mentioned before), the PSE online service seems promising. Microsoft and Nintendo should dump the "points" system and get real with $$ amounts.

And in other news:

Wii Sonic gets praise of not having the suckitude of the PS3 and 360 versions (which are different games by the way). This "rails" system seems a lot more acceptable than the uncontrollable filth that is the "Next Gen Sonic" that you can experience on XBL with a 360.

People think that a 360 browser is important. People need HDTV's first, and then a good reason not to use a PC for proper browsing. If you don't like using the PSP or your cell phone for browsing, you certainly won't like using a console for it. Stick with the PC (did I just say that?). Honestly, if Microsoft adds a browser to the 360, I'll be disappointed. We don't need it.

Finally, I've been dying for some more exercise-related gaming that doesn't suck like DDR. Joystiq brings up Kinetic and Yourself!Fitness (which have been out for quite a while). I might just have to give the eyetoy a try and give my Vision camera a companion. Personally, I don't know why exercise gaming hasn't exploded. I keep bugging my room mate to find his Nintendo PowerPAD so we can get some Track and Field on. Exercise is great, and the best way to have fun with it is via playing a game.


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