Tuesday, October 17, 2006

20 "pwningest" bosses (to date)

Memorable bosses sure are memorable for how they made us feel at the time. Whether it was Megaman or Final Fantasy, a gamer's disappreciation for the antagonist of their current quest was defined by their valiant efforts against the enemy on screen. Hours and hours behind a persistant gamer always seemed to pay off with the vindication of completing the game that dared challenged him or her.

Sephiroth, the star example (albeit not #1 on this list) made us hate him and everything he stood for, making his defeat the ultimate accomplishment for a gamer for the times. Damn him and his world-and-love-interest-destroying bad self.

I will admit that Ryan's comments about the Genesis were a bit irritating to me. To say the Genesis had no truly unique games was simply blasphemy. Phantasy Star? Chakan? Sonic? Night Trap? Sewer Shark? Yours truly felt that the SNES stayed drowningly targeted on the younger audience. He will get a final good word from me for giving Dr. Robotnik a place on his list, though.

This boss coverage will take some of us back to many memories of plugging away at consoles past. It's a great trip, and I hope you enjoy it. For those not old enough to remember the glory of 8 and 16 bit, I recommend visiting to discuss newer bosses that did more than just challenge you.


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