Friday, October 20, 2006

No entitlements for the PS3, or achievements

While easy to mock the "entitlements" term that Sony selected, I'm actually disappointed they aren't currently planning on implementing a profile-based achievement system like the 360's.

There was a generous time frame where I didn't care about achievements. The initial 360-owning several months was that time. The point I began to care, was when I was looking for some replay value in my previous game investments. Achievements thankfully came to the rescue. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have gone all-gold in Full Auto and Burnout: Revenge if I hadn't been patted on the back for getting there.

The funny thing now is that I expect the achievements. Playing an Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube game is just that much less fulfilling because it's missing those goals, checkpoints of progress, and replay-to-get tasks. Achievements are a good thing, and promote playing games for entertainment. I hope developers continue to find interesting ways to use them as well.

Getting a difficult achievement is like figuring out how to get a Gold Star for not-so-correctly pronouncing "fhqwghads".


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