Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Sony news pushed aside; they come back with scandal

The second I give Sony an inch of praise, they once again prove that they are jerks.

Sony seems to be under the impression that without Hard Drives, Xbox Live, and HD-DVD players that Xbox 360s won't function. What do they do with this misinformation? They put out a misleading marketing sheet!

I'm sorry choice is such a bad thing to you Sony. I don't give a flying f@#$ about your Blu-ray drives or useless and soon-to-be-outdated internal 802.11g wireless adapters. I'm glad you included HDMI in the $499 model, because I won't give you any more money than necessary; you don't deserve it.

While it is easy to see what Sony is getting at, the chart they provided is extremely misleading. Before anyone jumps to Sony's undeserving defense, let me point out the problems I see that aren't mentioned in the linked article:

The 360 Hard Drive is a 2.5" Serial ATA. Talk about inconsistent; why try to subliminally suggest that the 360 "merely" has a 20GB HDD when it's the same interface as theirs?

Under 360 Communication, they list "Ethernet Port" instead of 10/100BASE-T. Inconsistency again. Yes, the PS3 supports 1000Mbps and the 360 doesn't; why not list them in the same fashion? Oh yeah, scandalous marketing tactics.

To make matters worse...Sony didn't capitalize in places they could! For CPU and GPU they merely listed "Cell Broadband Engine" and RSX respectively with no specs. Um...what the hell?

I guarantee Sony won't leave this up for long anyway. Microsoft won't take it sitting down. But hey, at least they got the 1080p support part right.


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