Monday, October 23, 2006

Resistance: Fall of Man is done; the ins and outs

Let's get the bad out of the way. reports the final game size is 16GB. That's quite a bit less than the originally stated 22GB. That's about 28% less thanks to compression for those who like numbers. For those who think Blu-ray is a good thing, that's 2 DVD's, uf data wouldn't have to be duplicated.

"Still, having a lot of space on Bluray means that we're including things we wouldn't have been able to include if we had had to use dual layer DVDs: higher res game assets and more of them, HD movies, higher fidelity sounds, more dialogue, all languages on one disc, etc." -Ted Price

It is still in 720p. Not that this matters at all, since 720p is the standard regardless of what Microsoft or Sony says.

Okay, we're done with that. Now for good stuffs:

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Crecente at Kotaku described a good experience with this game. His comments lighten my earlier fear that the game was Call of Duty with aliens. The idea of an open battlefield with "special moments" that aren't pointed out seems like it could be a cool thing, and allow for surprises when replaying the game.

I also like the idea of being able to target two separate enemies when dual wielding. Halo could really use a feature like that...and Aliens vs Predator 3 (where the hell are you?).

Even better news is that the demo will be available for download at launch. It's too bad I won't have a PS3 at launch, or else I'd be all over this like white on poisoned ninja rice balls. ????

For someone who originally hated FPS games, I'm appalled that I'm looking forward to Resistance, FEAR, and Halo 3...


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