Wednesday, October 25, 2006

1up says sequels are cursed

Kurt Kalata at points out that sequels have problems. The problem with that problem is that the real problem is a problem of familiarity. Redundancy and repetitiveness akin to that last sentence seem to work against a gamers hope for an equivilant-to-the-original experience. Yet, if things are changed too much, it is a problem as well. Are sequels "unbalanceable"?

While I have little to add to this thought-provoking article, I do have a comment and an intriguing thought listed below respectively:

Final Fantasy 8 unfortunately received some flack from this article. Yet, I can understand everything that was working against my favorite game in the series. I know the Junction system and exploitable Guardian Forces ruined it for some. *sarcastic* "THEY SHOULD HAVE PLAYED IT CORRECTLY IN THE FIRST PLACE!" =)

A somewhat interesting thought: What about those who start with a sequel as opposed to the original? I played Gran Turismo 2 before it's predecessor, and I liked it better. The same goes with Halo 2, The Suffering, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil 4. The originals of these games aren't exactly easy to go back to after playing the improved version.

Could all just be a matter of opinion based on a "certain point of view"?


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