Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sony can't say, "We already did that." Too many Halo 2 games played.

It's atrocious to those who don't know. I was once told by a friend that Halo ruins relationships, jobs, and/or lives in general. At the time, I moderately scoffed FPS games, Halo, and whatever the hell that Microsoft console was.

All it took was 3 out of 5 room mate's playing the game via system link, and the question, "Do you want to play?"

My carefree "sure" answer would result in a years worth of a nights plugging at the phenomenon known as Halo 2. Unfathomably, I've come to realize that I've played more hours of Halo 2, than all hours I've ever put into Final Fantasies or all RPGs combined. One could feel gypped by paying for Live!, but all it takes is one game to hook you to make the return-on-investment the best dollar-value for your entertainment. There really is no room for complaints in my case.

According to gamespot, Bungie is reporting that 4 billion Halo 2 games have been played. That is completely insane, especially for a console game. Think of all the time waste devoted collectively. Wow.

So Sony, are your crappy SoCOM or Killzone games anywhere near that number?


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