Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big Halo 3 news supersedes the "other thing ending in 3"

Halo news here, that's covered here, here, and here.

While the commercial isn't that exciting of an idea, the new Halo 2 maps, and Halo 3 beta are.

We get to quench our gaming thirst via Halo 3 in teasing amounts this spring. Better yet, the demo will feature the multiplayer, the aspect that is bound to keep us up in frantic button-pressing all night. *clears spot for you to safely drool in anticipation*

To hype us up, XBLM will feature some "Making Of" featurettes. Essentially, we'll finally have some regular Halo 3 media being pumped into our veins eyes.

More Halo 2 maps? What an even better reason to play Halo 2 again. Sure, they are 360 exclusive, but does it really matter? All Xbox owners were going to need to upgrade eventually anyway.

In other news? PS3 auctions aren't so exorbitant in Japan.


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