Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Quick uh...3 day weekend roundup

I need some FF8 Time Compression.


The PSP is still useless (PS3 offers nothing with connectivity yet). Even the "popular" psp games have low sales. OPM hates the PSP, and is going away forever (in favor of PS3 online media). Good riddance.

PS3 is made by Sony...but I don't care...I wanna play with a new toy as well. 1up opens their fresh PS3 box. Others are more daring, and have torn that POS apart!

Sony now says the SIXAXIS battery is replaceable. So...when do they tell the truth? Doesn't matter, Crecente's kid likes it better than the 360 controller.

Hey, the EyeToy I just bought for $5 will work on the PS3! And Resistance, although possibly regurgitated FPS, doesn't suck! Woo! Non-Halo-killer, welcome to the fray!

Halo 3 is going to attempt to even out multiplayer, and Killzone is still a piece of crap that Philly says will be neat.

The HD-DVD attachment for the Xbox 360 is infinitely more useful than the PS3's Blu-ray drive because *GASP* it can be used with your PC as well. Check out the guts of the drive if you want.

Japanese people paid attention to the 360. WTF? Oh. It's a dragon-ball-z-looking RPG called Blue Dragon. Duh.

Sorry...computers are blowing up that I have to fix so no time to dabble. They must be powered by Sony.


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