Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm a sucker....played the Guitar Hero kiosk

Christmas shopping with my fiance last night came with an odd twist: the irrestible urge to pick up a fake guitar and pretend I couldn't actually rock out with a real one. Then again...playing something is better than the bafoonish act of air guitarism.

I've not felt so awkward holding a guitar since my musical cherry was broke in high school. It definitely felt like a "Fisher Price: My First Guitar" hunk of plastic. Before I could get the game started, one of the distribution night force employees of Walmart said unto me, "Apologies for stopping your rock-out session, but could I please get by?" He had a rolling platform with a box pile on top.

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Why the hell would you put the main traffic of distribution right through the gaming isle with the kiosks? Eh, it's Wal-mart. They barely pay minimum wage.

Anyway, my fiance said immediately, "It looks like DDR with a plastic guitar." She was right. It took me a minute to figure out that you have to press the buttons and strum simultaneously. Talk about dying for a real would have been easier to play the song on.

Shortly after it clicked. If anything, Guitar Hero could be a good lesson in timing and accuracy for the real deal (4/4 timing for all you non-technical hardcore wimps).

Conclusively, I jumped the gun on GH mockery. The idea is brillant. It's a good thing this game is going to the Xbox 360. I don't want to spend any money on a Sony game that I don't have to. Actually, the truth is that any Disc Read Error might leave me itching to throw the guitar through my TV...or at least at my PS2. The former is a big concern.


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