Thursday, November 16, 2006

Videogame Store Annoyances from

1up brings us an article appealing to our video game shopping woes and aggravations. The contributing journalist made sure to get stories from both sides of the fence, resulting in some familiar yet surprising results.

As usual, choice quotes are below:

"My manager was harassing us to harass customers because the district manager was harassing him. They eventually came up with a rule called the 'Five Nos'... as in, a customer has to say no five times before you stop harassing them. [&] Eventually, someone higher up decided that it would be a good idea to start calling people at home and harassing them over the phone for preorders."

So if I say, "I want to buy this game. And no times 5," then I can pay for my game and leave without hassle? Sweet.

"As for those of you who live in areas where you don't have many stores to choose from, your only real option is to try to get to know the store's employees. Hopefully when they get to know you and your shopping patterns, they'll be less likely to harass you over services they know you won't buy."

Um...I thought gamers were mentally unable to interact socially. (just kidding)

"Legally it's not used 'until it leaves the store,' so make sure to inspect your games for a fold-wrap and not a heat seal."

You know the situation is a crock when the suggestion to rectify the problem requires you to do something that shouldn't be necessary, like ensuring the product you are purchasing is the product your purchasing.

EB Games Employee: "Just curious: Do you ever think about the 'Obnoxious Salesmen'? All I'm trying to do is make sure there's a roof over my head and food in my belly."

Sometimes I question whether the mental anguish of bluntly receiving foul up-selling tactics is acceptable, even for the "provider" of the family. I feel you. I've been there. I had to sell Gold Coverage at Musician's Friend. And I avoided it at all costs, only selling it when I thought it was a good idea (and felt good about it).

Being a salesman "under pressure" doesn't grant special permission of being an ignorant asshole to another human for the sake of your "career". Remember that.


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