Monday, November 20, 2006

Play PS2 games with the "correct" analog sticks

Baysoft sent me another collection of deals over the weekend. The above controller stood out above the rest.

Play on three different game consoles with this universal controller! This Universal game controller gives you the flexibility to use a single controller on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Game Cube consoles. Eliminating the need for multiple game controllers and the clutter!

Notice the analog sticks. They are in the right place! Okay, so it's designed just like an original Xbox s-controller...but that's the one I like. The d-pad looks a little shoddy, but even in current PS2 games, we generally see the d-pad used for hotkeys (so "no biggie"). And Xbox-style triggers (if equipped) would be a big improvement over the painful Gamecube triggers.

Time to toss out the old Dualshock 2 and spend $15. I wish they would have brought this controller to my attention when I was playing Killzone. It would have made my life a lot easier. Oh well, at least I'll get to use it with Final Fantasy XII and Xenosaga II & III (I haven't even played the latter yet). Squeaky will love it for Devil May Cry.

I ordered it yesterday and will report on the controller once it is received.


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