Friday, November 17, 2006

It's PS3 day. Looks like it sucks as planned.

TrueHD is filled with flicker. The lauded HDMI cable seems to be cause some problems with the not-so-endearing PS3. Reboot until it works. Sounds like Windows.

People are shooting each other over PS3's. The question is: Is it about playing the PS3, or selling it for mass profits? I vote the latter.

As pictured, someone is able to afford to use the device properly, pimp style. The results are in the above video.

And unsurprisingly, signing up for Playstation Online (is that an oxymoron?), is expectedly unenjoyable and annoying.

The real question is: What if Bill Gates was right, and Halo 3 launched today? How would that change things? We'll never know.

I sure want to rush out at burn $600. Let me tell you.

Wii, show up already. Please.


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