Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, the Clustofawk edition

The Good, Bad, and Ugly PS3 is getting reamed in all ways...only natural since it's one of the new guys on the block.

Yay for connecting just about any USB device in the world to the PS3. Most importantly, although not really USB devices, I like the non-proprietary HDD enclosure, USB charging cable, and Bluetooth support.

Surprisingly, ebay prices for PS3 have been none-so-impressive already. Currently, people must be convinced that the PS3 is only worth a little over double it's retail price on the 'bay. This is bound to go back up next month, but is this a sign of the coming of a Playstation recession?

Joining the Blu-ray flicker and 720p-to-1080i upscaling problems, is more proof that that the SIXAXIS controller is a piece of junk. Random power-downs, synchronizing problems, and a made-in-china lightweight feel. Maybe Bluetooth controllers aren't all they are cracked up to be? Let's not even get into the Red-Ring-of-Death-like Red-Light-and-Beep error, or preparing for modding-hell.

Someone crossed the line gave that ugly PS3 its true purpose the modification of a lifetime. The REAL-DEAL PS3 grill. Three cheers for Next Gen cooking....

But wait, THERE'S MORE! The Nintendo Wii isn't doing so hot either. Slot-loading seems cool, right? Definitely, when it works. Looks like someone can't play any games because the mechanism is already dead. Honestly...I'm surprised the PS3 didn't have this problem first. Speaking of...the Wii was the first to have Disc Read Errors...eek.

In Xbox looks like good ol' Gears finally knocked Halo 2 off the top 360 Live game. It took long enough. And the wireless headset that Amazon hasn't delivered to me yet may have some serious issues.

Do gaming consoles suck this bad? What a "clustofawk" of problems. And no PC-defenders please...PC's have even more problems (I fix them for a living...the PS2 is a walk in the park compared to OS problems).


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