Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hot pre-Thanksgiving PS3 Topics

Wii's are dangerous like Busta Rhymes. 1up has even printed their satirical concerns on their page.

Sony yet again has a gem underneath a pile of negative rubble. Digging through the rubble, we find that they can't come up with PS3's. That's okay, we don't want them and we're not at all surprised. Crecente's wife found that the PS3 can get just as hot and as loud as the Xbox 360. Koei has jumped from the PS-exclusive ship. And the mainstream press hates on the PS3.

Sony's also got a nasty rumor around them; to make up for "free online", it has been suggested they are considering charging the publishers for demo downloads. If true, that's bound to drive away 3rd party publishers from providing demos.

Where the hell is the gem? Below.

You actually CAN upgrade your PS3 with a non-proprietary hard drive. Now that's sweet. One can only wonder if Microsoft's Xbox will ever be capable of such.


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