Sunday, November 26, 2006

PS3 blasphemy further inflates

Let's see, Sony is unsure if they can patch up the lack-of-1080i-support. This is a huge blunder and probably the last straw in having a PS3 make my living room ugly grace my living room.

PSOne games require a PS3 for the moment. Not if you you use the homebrew PSOne emulator...(get it here)

Sony's Konami's rockstar Hideo Kojima says he misses rumble. He wants it back. Trust me, the more feedback from the video game the better. Grant him his wish (and everyone else who isn't stubborn).

Remember my prediction on PS3 hacking? It's already begun. Now my prediction may have just been with online multiplayer, but getting backup's to play is where it begins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bye bye sony, i wont miss you. 60fps? 1080p? 600 dollars? hahahah

10:17 PM  

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