Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sony grills me on my PSP use...or lack thereof

From their survey invitation email:

Dear PlayStation Underground member,

What do you do online with your PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system? Are you browsing the Web in a coffee shop or besting an out-of-town opponent? Take our short survey and let us know.

The survey was brief, but it essentially just asked whether I used the PSP online, how important online gaming was to me, and what online features are the most important.

Unfortunately, it was your typical Strongly-Agree to Strongly-Disagree survey, so I couldn't say, "I don't play it online, but I would do otherwise if there was decent support for it." There was an option for "not enough compelling content" so I did go with that.

And sorry browser-supporters, I said the ability to browse the web (at least crappy PSP style) was not important to me at all.

To answer their graphic's question, "Nothing Playstation-wise...I have Xbox Live, which is actually functional."


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