Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gather round for another spout off of Wii news

*hides in corner from the Wii of doom*

It seems to me that PS3 vs Wii is in full force. The 360 is there, but it has a lot less focus do to being "old news". Personally...I don't see how the Wii can be compared to either of the power consoles. It's there, but comparisons (other than motion sensing) seem futile at best. Videos such as this Call of Duty 3 example really show how unimpressive the Wii graphics look. Sure, gameplay is important, but is it worth taking a step backwards?

It's good to see gripes exist about Nintendo's magical new console. All the positive Wii media seems overwhelming at times, especially when fans who haven't even touched a Wii remote get all nuts. But it's hard to blem them when even novice gamers fear the Wii not and love to play it.

In any case, some are pointing out the Wii might just be the disruptive technology the consumer is looking for.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a Wii so I can agree. The useful itrackr service has failed me thus far.


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