Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Universal Controller Review

A while ago, I promised a review on the awesome xbox-style universal controller.

My prediction on the d-pad was right; it's weird. It's lumpy, but somehow functional. The face buttons look a bit cheap, but they function just fine. The turbo function is "easy money"; hold the turbo button, press the button to be become "fully automatic" and release. Repeat to return to "semi automatic". Unfortunately, there is no turbo indicator LED. But that's okay, it hasn't bothered me.

One problem I couldn't have been prepared for is that some games require the holding of multiple buttons. Normally, this is fine, except when they assume that you have four shoulder buttons (which is a good assumption in this case). While holding L1+X+O is easy on a Dualshock, this controller leaves you attempting to hold X+A+White Button (all face buttons), which can be awkward. Thankfully, not many games do this (the mini game in Xenosaga III was the only culprit for me thus far).

Overall, the controller feels just as solid as Microsoft's s-controller. It is leaps and bounds more comfortable than either the Dualshock or the Gamecube controller, so the controller effectively serves its puprose. I enjoy it so much that I don't even use my wireless PS2 controller any more.

If the s-controller for the Xbox is your favorite controller and you have multiple consoles, then it'd be a lie to say this controller was optional.


  • Good overall feel (buttons, grips, etc)

  • Easy Turbo setup

  • Works with all three last generation consoles


  • Odd d-pad texture

  • Didn't have white/black buttons also on the shoulders

  • Although a rarity, it doesn't function properly with some games

Feels like:

  • an S-controller with Turbo


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