Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Late Post-Holiday Roundup

To peruse the obligatories:

Bad PS3 news:

Steady supplies, or lack of sales? Probably the latter. I can vouch that I've seen similar signs posted at stores (see the article).

Kojima knocks on HD, blu-ray, and wants to do Wii. I don't really care about Kojima's opinion, but the PS3 maggots do.


Good Xbox 360 news:

Achievements are praiseworthy, and are better received than expected. I love them. In fact, they've ruined old-gen gaming for me, unless we see those games pop back up on XBLA.



Atlantic brings us waterproof DS and PSP carrying cases. Since I entered the boating world last year, I have taken these into consideration.

CG cutscenes get discussed. The majority of commenters say, "Away with thee, foul CG cutscene!" I'm with them.

$60 game prices may not stick. Good news for gamers everywhere.


Hopefully some spicy news will enter our dry mouths that hunger for exciting gaming info. Say, "Aaaaahhhh...."


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