Friday, January 12, 2007

Naughty movie makers decide on the next HD format

I'm going to have to watch my verbage because of my current location.

Anyway, the "naughty" industry original decided to go with Blu-ray. Apparently though, Sony is restricting XXX films from being printed on the format so that industry will have to go with HD-DVD. Originally, they were going for Blu, but it seems Sony's naivite has removed them from the war.

One of the big problems they have with Blu-ray is its expense, followed by its market share. -Aaron McKenna, TGDaily

Whether we like it or not, wherever the XXX movies go, the consumers will go. All the game industry combined can't touch the XXX industry in profits. It's sad, but it's true. In effect, without their support, Sony might as well pack their bags on the movie format side of things, and start concentrating on making PS3 games that don't suck.


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