Sunday, January 28, 2007

Got Wii? I do.

My room mate, who is way more motivated than I am, decided to inquire at Wal-mart as to when they were getting Wii's. That night, in a couple of hours. He got us ticket #9, and I decided it was time to complete my console collection.

All I got was an extra Wii remote, as I wanted to try the thing first before dumping more money into it. I also knew they were hard to come by. And before anyone tries to get me to buy Zelda, I'll say right now; I haven't liked Zelda since the original. So no need.

We are playing Wii Golf right now, and I must say that it's great simplistic fun. Surprisingly, the graphics aren't that bad for a composite connection. The characters are plain, but the backgrounds are better than expected. HD comparable? No, but decent enough.

It's quickly easy to understand what all the fuss about the Wii is. You just have to play it. The fact that it is different and easy for anyone to play is what it's about. Will it replace PS3/360 style consoles? Not a chance. But it's really made for everyone, and the kid-oriented game selection really show it. They will sell many of these units to gamers of all types.

On another note, we've not hung out as collective room mates in months, and the Wii has us doing it. Praise to Nintendo for providing this twist on the entertainment everyone should have a chance to enjoy.


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