Sunday, January 28, 2007

The "console cost" arguments vs Wii

After leaving Wal-mart with an added $300 to my plastic interest magnet, I realized that the Wii may not be as "cheap" as the fanboys let on. All I bought was a Wii with an extra remote (no second nunchuck), and I'm already at the cost of a 360 core.

First of all, if you want component cables and a wired ethernet connection, be prepared to fork over another $50 ($20 and $30 respectively, which is ridiculous; the console should have come with wired ethernet). Out of the box, the Wii is made for local multiplayer, so buying another remote isn't really optional, which is another $40 bucks. Don't forget the nunchuck with that; you're looking at tacking on yet another $25. It leaves me asking, "Why does this controller come incomplete?"

Aside from Wii sports, that's a couple of games worth in accessories alone. I'll definitely say that it's still a better value than a core 360, but not necessarily a premium. As far as fun and usefulness goes, adding the Wii to my entertainment room has made the PS3 the worst console of the group that offers essentially nothing. There's just nothing that makes the PS3 stand out from the crowd. The Wii brings fun back into our lives, and the 360 is the vessel for our online and classic gaming needs.

Take it all in before claiming that the Wii is some "cheap" alternative to the other consoles. No matter which path you choose, your wallet will be lighter. If you were to ask me which console had the best overall value, I'd say the Xbox 360 Premium, mainly because it is currently the only current generation console with a plethora of solid games. This may change in the future at any time.


Blogger Jeff Gedgaud said...

I really do think you are not looking at the bigger picture here. Yes the Wii does not come with the LAN Adapter or extra remotes and that does bring the cost up, does the XBox 360 come with games? You have to look at the core XBox 360 and see that it does not come with some of the accessories that you want to use as well. ANY of the systems will have those extras at a cost but for the base unit the Wii is the lowest cost. At least you can start playing the Wii when you get it home and not spend another $50 for that first game.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

It may not seem like much, but the 360 came with Hexic. But again, that is only the premium model.

I know what you're saying and those are exactly the type of points I was passively trying to address. My biggest point is that all in all, the Wii is not really "cheap" at all. While it may have the cheapest base unit (for now), the accessories aren't as easily avoidable as they are with the 360.

I did state that the Wii is a better deal than the Core 360...that thing is essentially worthless. On the other hand, it depends on what kind of gaming you want to do.

I am a bit different though, and that is easy to point out. PS3 fans will complain that the 360 doesn't come with wireless; I'm pissed that the Wii doesn't come with wired.

Thanks for the comment!

12:19 PM  

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