Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trying to figure out a way to get my posts in

As I dive face-first into corporate America, I find myself a little less priviledged in the internet department. As woefully mentioned before, many of my favorite gaming news sites are being blocked by my company's web filter. Sure, there are "easy" ways around it (read: proxy servers), but I'm tired of continually having to change proxies all the time, just to be able to comment/contribute to my second "job" (a.k.a. this site) during my breaks.

Thankfully, google's customizable homepages will allow me to sneak RSS feeds through at the cost of a narrow reading area. hasn't been cut off yet, so I'm not totally off the gaming-info nipple either. In any case, "the man" really doesn't want me to enjoy my breaks under his watch (at least not easily).

Even though the comments don't indicate it, I know there are a few regulars to this site. Please bear with me as I readjust to how I must go about continuing this blog during the day. Through this change in my life, I'll find a way to continue! ;)

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous dapperdan said...

well i check you site everyday, sometimes twice. i always enjoy your articles.

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