Friday, March 02, 2007

Sony indirectly admits that rumble is awesome; settles suit with Immersion

Sony and Immersion settle suit, rumble coming to the PS3? - Engadget

So when do we get a Dualshock36AXIS? That's what I want to know. Then maybe the controller won't feel like it was bought from or feel like a nonfunctional display model.

It amazes me how Sony works vs Microsoft (in the gaming world). Normally, Microsoft doesn't seem to take feedback with Windows. But with the Xbox 360, they take community feedback daily to help improve the system. Sony on the other hand, will make boastful comments they have to painfully retract or apologize for later. They make changes because they are late to the game, and out of necessity rather than building on feedbacks of all types.

I'm glad the PS3 *might* get rumble soon. I really don't care what anyone says; rumble is an important staple of gaming in its current state. Sony was wrong to remove it and blame it on lies (they said it interferes with the motion control, which was quickly disproven). If they are going to try to change the way we play games, they need to look at their Nintendo neighbors. As it stands right now, the PS3 is a crappy version of the Xbox 360 (considering the lesser available games, lesser graphics, lesser online support, etc).


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