Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Double-whammy to the PS3?

Xbox-Scene News: Xbox 360 Voted Best Game Console By Online Users

I'm not surprised, although this really doesn't mean anything. Very few consumers have all the consoles and can directly see that the 360 is probably best value for your gaming dollar. Most will go off friends' experiences, word-of-mouth, and brand-bias/preference. Still, as a multiconsole owner, I'm with these "online users" in their vote.

Record attach rate for the Xbox 360

I'm not surprised at this either. For one, if the Wii had better games and more availability for consoles and remotes, it could potentially beat this attach rate easily. However, that isn't really the case for the moment. Taking a step back though, would the Wii be as interesting if it were more accessible for purchase?

Microsoft has also done an outstanding job on accessories. They may be proprietary, but somehow buying 360 accessories is actually fun. Maybe it's that feeling of options or the feeling of being "totally decked out". The fact that most of the accessories are useful (and PC compatible) is a big helping hand as well.

Now that I think about it...the accessories for the PS3 are quite limited for the moment. It IS a new console though, so it'll be good to see what we end up with.

Anyway: Congrats, Microsoft. Keep it up.


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