Friday, March 16, 2007

Tiger Woods PGA 2007: Wii version

As expected, the controls for TWP07 eat Wii Sports and Super Swing Golf alive. However, that doesn't mean the Wii remote position calculations are any more accurate. But at the benefit of removing the painful cuteness of Super Swing and power limiting meter of Wii Sports makes it mostly worth it.

What you'll miss from the other two titles: Super Swing handles the backswing better, but that's probably because you're supposed to hold the remote in the right spot before swinging. Wii Sports has a better putting layout. No silly lines or dots to show the shape of the green. Just natural looking squares of grass.

One important question this game brings: is it the Wii remote hardware that is insufficient, or are the developers just unable to make accurate calculations with the tech? Furthermore, will the inconsistent controls and frustrations be a Wii staple?

These questions hurt the Wii as a console more than the game itself. I'm betting that Tiger '08 will resolve a lot of these problems, just like '07 improved over '06 on the other consoles.

For now, we'll take in our current attempt at true-swinging golf with open arms. EA has some work to do, but in the end, we can only hope it is worth it.

PGA Pros:
*Slices/hooks performed fairly accurately by the Wii remote
*Simple controls
*No wasted time between shots (unlike Super Swing)

*The graphics are horrendous. I swear the PS2 version looks better.
*Inconsistent and frustrating reaction to swings
*The holes are hard to see on the greens sometimes

Feels like:
A dumbed down Tiger Woods with motion control

Rent or Buy:
If you want to own the best golf game for the system, this is your option.

Personal Appraisal: $20
MSRP: $49.99

Other opinions:
7.5/10.0 at
7.5/10.0 at
7.0/10.0 at IGN


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