Monday, March 19, 2007

Linksys WRT330N Gaming Router with free 80GB IDE HDD

Gaming Router with 80GB HDD, 3rd offer from the top.

My WRT54G crapped out on me over the weekend. Maybe it had too much Linux on it. LOL

Anyway, the custom firmware didn't help me out much with the Xbox Live vs P2P battle I deal with every time the "guys in the basement" turn their PC's on. It's time to move on to something a bit more advanced.

I looked at this D-Link DGL-4300, which is $99 after rebate, and it seems that it would do the job well. A 75% approval rating is rather good out of 500 reviewers.

CNET's review pointed out that it may not handle multiple connections very well (wireless + wired). That is probably the only reason I didn't buy it. It'd still be a good deal if my spending limit was lower.

The Linksys is attemptedly future-proof. We'll see how 802.11n pans out. But it also has better attennas and 5x the warranty, so I figure it's a good deal. Even more so, the Linksys is usually $180, but this newegg sale is for March only.

If you're looking for a better router for your gaming purposes, you may want to check these options out.


Anonymous Dapper Dan said...


i own the dgl-4300 and love it. i also have a wired, and wireless connection running and i cant tell any performance hits. i mean, that's what it is made to do right? =)
i would seriously get the d-link. i used to not be supportive of them, but after purchasing the dgl-4300 i try to only buy d-link stuff now. it really did impress me that much. also that linksys wrt300n has not been confirmed compatible with xbox live. i originally looked into purchasing that one. after some research on to no avail i called microsoft and they could not confirm the compatibility. another good thing about the d-link is, it has a xbox live logo on the box. so there is my novel. talk to you later.

-Dapper Dan

p.s. DMC4 is confirmed for the xbox360

9:25 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

The Linksys is confirmed by a couple of reviews to work great with XBL. I already bought it anyway.

Linksys are a subsidiary of Cisco, and Cisco is where it's at for businesses. I even get to go to Cisco training in a couple months on the company dime, WOO!

If the Linksys doesn't work out (they don't make a very good browser interface), I'll probably buy the D-Link.

I complain about wireless connections a lot, so why do I care about better antennas? Cell Phone, Wii, PSP, and DS all use it's not escapable.

Setting up the rules and priorities is going to suck...I can already tell.

What I want to do is drop a grand or two and get a real Cisco router. I need to learn how to set them up anyway. But that probably won't ever happen...I'd end up getting one for a couple hundred that only had a 10Mbps uplink. Hmmm...

11:52 AM  
Blogger Eric said... got me thinking and here I am on ebay buying a Cisco 2611 router for the same price as this router. It happens to be same router we use at my job...LOL

However, I wouldn't recommend this for laymen. Adapter cards for these Cisco Routers cost hundreds to over a thousand and take serious setup. (Read: NO POOR NOOBS) LOL Just kidding everyone.

2:40 AM  

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