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PS3 Futility Chronicles - Changing login, resetting the password

The PS3: Inconvenient or ill-convenient? The answer: Yes.

I wanted to get the "-" out of Suicide-Ninja on my PSN login. Mistakenly, I signed "SuicideNinja" up through Europe in order to ensure stake on my screen name pre-launch. Apparently, the US wasn't participating in early registration, so I ended up setting my country as U.K.

When I procured a PS3, I couldn't use SuicideNinja because "The PS3 hasn't launched in your country yet!" Well, that problem has passed, so I decided to switch up and kick that hypen into the cold and lonely night.

The first problem was that I didn't know how he hell to sign out. The XMB doens't offer so much as a hint when pressing a button will bring up more ambiguous menuage. From previous futile attempts on PS2 gamesave transfers, I learned that the triangle button is the "magic" button that "might" help one delve deeper into the convoluted menu system. Somehow, I managed to log out, while complaining about how much easier this is on the 360.

I tried to sign in with my original username at this point, and was told I needed an update. This is where Sony tries to prove how annoying they can be. Here's the process.

1. Get told you need an update. Tells you where to go to get it rather than just taking you there.

2. Jump over to the correct area of the cross-bar and get to System Update and launch it.

3. Start the update and wait for what seems like an eternity to download said update.

4. Watch room mate play Xbox 360 and enjoy it. Glad someone is gaming around here.

5. Mock the PS3's existence and annoying-ness.

6. Wait more. Walk out the room and go do something useful for 20 minutes.

7. Forget that you were doing something on the PS3.

8. Remember you were doing something and return to find that the update is finally finished. Start the update.

9. Fumble around the house looking for that stupid USB cable because it is going to make you plug it in for whatever reason. So much for the convenience of wireless, eh?

10. Accidently hit "I Don't Agree" on the legal BS screen because of frustration. Go back, Agree, and press a couple more buttons.

11. Wait yet again for the update to install.

12. Get annoyed this is taking so much work for a simple objective. Completely forget what the original purpose was.

13. Remember what you wanted to do. Go try to login with the right email/password combo.

14. Realize that you don't remember the password since you've never been able to sign in with the account. Try a few password, then give up and click on "Forgot Password", or whatever the button says.

15. Get pissed because it initiates the process of recovering the password for the WRONG account. And it's not changeable.

16. After repeating steps 12-15 a few times, dig through the menu and find out how to reset the PS3 to default settings and lose all data and gamesaves.

17. Try to recover the password again since the old account has been erased. Finally, it proceeds. Unfortunately, the answer to the security question (e.g. What's your dogs name?) is case-sensitve, which takes a few tries to figure that out.

18. Get the password taken care off. Find out that the country cannot be changed, so there won't be any purchases of goods any time soon, since the credit card information screen won't let you change the country either.

19.Shut down the PS3 because it's a worthless piece of junk. Send Sony an email requesting that they fix the problem with the account.

20. Receive a response the next day from a Sony rep that tells me that I need to call their service center. Officially give up.


Unfortunately, any time something constructive is attempted with the PS3...these kinds of things happen.

If this is the next generation of convenience, then consumers are going to stop gaming. But hey, at least the WHOLE process was done in 1080p!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you sir are angry for the sake of being angry. is it sony's fault that you grossly exagerated your time and "labor" through this whole experience? is it sony's fault you dont remember your password? is it sony's fault that you used wierd caps for your dogs name? i suppose updates to fix problems (that you have probably complained about) is annoying to you. im sure it is also sony's fault that you did not know that there is a DEDICATED update button in the SETTINGS column.(curious to know where you would have put it). im not even a sony fan, but you are just whining about nothing. give it a break.

8:32 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

You sir have missed the point entirely.

Sony touts the PS3 as being the greatest machine ever, while it is more of a hassle to use than their supposed "lesser" competition. If they are going to charge a premium price, then their services should be better, correct?

Something as simple as changing a password or doing an update should not be so time consuming nor should it require a dozen steps. If the Xbox 360 can update automatically (in much less time), why does the PS3 even need an update button? Why do you need to sync the damn controller every time you update, or turn it on again just after EXITING a game? It's ridiculous.

Even in the password recovery screen, I didn't want to capitalize the answer to the question I actually used. It made me for no reason; it wouldn't accept an all lowercase answer. They are asking for more support calls with that alone.

I knew about many of these things, but it's pretty hard to think anything positive about the PS3 when you can switch right over to the Xbox 360 and do all of the same things in less than half the time. That's the point. When's Sony going to show us why their junk console is worth its weight in gaming gold?

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Acquired at launch thanks to SqueakyNinja/ Replaced by Microsoft in Dec 2006"
-bet that wasnt annoying: 5 sec to move over and press "update" or replacing you system. ill take the update button. PS. the cord is needed for the update so users don't do anything stupid in the middle of one. it is a safety, for protection, not annoyance. a quit in the middle of an update can corrupt the system, same as with 360. don't lose the cord, or keep it in your car (less dead cats that way)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

This guy is classic. Everyone have a good laugh at Mr. Anonymous.

While his point is valid about having to replace the 360, we could get into the dozen or so PS2's that I've had to deal with. Everybody loves the DRE that Sony couldn't escape for 12 versions of the PS2. Twelve. They couldn't make a good laser in twelve revisions of the console. In five years. Ahem. Paying $40 WITHIN warranty? Yeah. No wonder they got class actioned.

Did I mention that Microsoft's support was ten times better than Sony's support? Nintendo beats them both, but Sony again is the problem child.

You logic on the controller connect/reconnect is flawed. Why would they allow you to quit in the middle of an update to begin with? How about not allow the user to quit rather than requiring a physical reconnect of the controller? The real reason is likely resyncing Bluetooth, but your opinion is obviously perfect.

Both systems are flawed in that there isn't any protection for loss of power during an update. I use UPS's but it's unlikely the regular consumer does.

I don't need a cable for my Xbox 360 controllers. I don't need a cable for my Wii controllers. I didn't realize that the almighty PS3 needed special treatment allowing it to be a pain in the ass. So, what is your point?

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen, we could go tit for tat about both systems, but the issue here is not the console.
Like i said, im not particularly a sony fan, i own both and like both. The issue is YOU! Making it seem like you have to haul rocks up a mountain while generating your own electricity with a giant hampster wheel is a bit overdramatic. You reek of lazyness. Heaven forbid you "walk out to your car" once in a while. It is a few extra BUTTONS, and stop losing your cable that you need to charge the controller anyway.(let me guess, you going to go off on the "no replacable battery" tangent)-Peter Gorman. there not anonymous anymore

1:09 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Dear stick-up-your-ass-Peter-Gorman,

You still miss the point.

The PS3 takes extra effort that it shouldn't. Everyone talks about specs and no one considers that the PS3 is the worst console to use of the three. It is quite non-user-friendly, and everyone I've shown it to agrees completely. It is so ridiculous, it's not even worth getting mad about; it's just outright pathetic and humorous.

If someone borrows the USB cable for their cell phone (which is what happened), and you don't have an A-to-mini-B lying around, you'd be screwed in this case. Prime example of what I'm saying; I shouldn't have needed the cable anyway.

If the above humor of having to run "errands" in order just to use the PS3 escapes you, then you should consider being social once in a while.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Eric said...


I should know better. Peter continued to prattle on about giving away my PS3 and then strayed from the issue at hand and poorly attempted to insult me and this website that he's obviously not read. Yet, he keeps coming back here. Hmmm...

Why do defenders of any console result to fallible personal attacks when they have no valid argument? Instead of addressing anything relevant, resulting to "Your mom," type insults always saves face, right?

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric has done the impossible.... ive only ever posted once in my life about such "feable" things but then again it was a personal remark on a gaming site, anyhow i think that the posy does show your laziness not to mention ive never had trouble pressing the right button twice...and my updates usually take abour 2-3 mins, and i only had to connect my ps3 controller once...5 updates 1 reconnect, not bad i would have to admit. im not about to try and discredit the 360 as i like it as much as the ps3 but you do exagerate the facts here its 4 button presses...and its your fualt you cant remember passwords..and a hiphen isnt a big deal for that matter either -.-, and i almost forgot to mention that u started with the personal insults "dear stick it up your ass" pretty personal.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Dear whatever-your-name-is:

Why are you commenting 6 months later on an article? This action is so astonishing, I'll respond for the hell of it.

First of all, the serious parts of this jestful article were true for the time. Updates are faster now, and some of the inconveniences have been fixed (though not all).

Since this article is obviously satire, attacking it's lack of exactness is silly.

Typical problems of forgetting an unused password and wanting to change the country shouldn't be difficult to rectify. Those are some of the "serious" points to take away here (if it needed to be clarified).

Mocking a spelling error is silly when your response is a ridiculous run-on sentence. If you are going to poke fun at incorrect spelling, at least fix your spelling of "hiphen" to emphasis your "grand intelligence".

I've wasted enough time with this. Please direct all your future comments to They would love to have a person of your caliber there.

10:17 PM  

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