Friday, April 06, 2007

PS3 Futility Chronicles Vol. 2: On the phone with Sony...

Apparently, Sony isn't going to make this easy on me. Actually, they can't help me at all.

My current problem is that Sony has me under the U.K. instead of the U.S. It is my fault for registering in Europe, but I didn't think it would be much of an issue to change the country. I was wrong.

I called up SCEA, and after a surprisingly short waiting period, B.J. greeted me. I told him the situation, and his conclusion was that I needed to "change my email address" and then create a new account. Why exactly can't I just have two accounts on there? I can have multiple usernames, but only one account. Lame.

Basically, I'm stuck with Suicide-Ninja if I want to buy anything (so my billing address is correct). But I can still sign on with SuicdeNinja to play games. It's really no skin off my back if I can't purchase anything at the Sony store...I probably wouldn't buy anything anyway.

As always, I have to point this out: I can change countries on the Xbox 360 without a problem. And without calling Microsoft.


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