Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Canadian PS3's whine of their own suckitude

Whiney PS3s hitting Canadian shelves? - Engadget

Surprised? Not me. We went from DRE (disc read error) to HPW (high pitched whine). You'd think a company with Sony's experience (and extra time to build the console) wouldn't have issues like these.

Check the link for a sample of the whining sound.

I don't really understand the praise the PS3 gets for being "quiet". Aside from the fact no one ever turns it on, it's only quiet with the fans off. When its fans do come on, it's just as loud as the Xbox 360. I think it just manages to stay cooler a little longer than it's rival, fooling the average fanboy into the bitter somethings being whispered into their ears..

However, even with a lowly 500w 5.1 Digital Surround Sound system, I tend to not hear either console's bitter workaholic moans.


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