Tuesday, April 10, 2007

John Romero: PC is about to make console its bitch - Joystiq

John Romero: PC is about to make console its bitch - Joystiq

It's another case where my comment need not be repeated!

Consoles are good because they are simple and for the most part they all use the same parts throughout their lives.

PC's vary too much, which can actually make PC development difficult. A game that works on one PC may not work on another (video cards, ram, motherboard, processor, near infinite combinations). It's too unpredictable. And a built rig doesn't have the staying power of a console. Consoles can get about 5-7 solid years compared to a PC's months to a couple of years before needing upgrades. It leaves a PC rig as a worse investment for an entertainment dollar.

A PS3, Wii, or 360 game will work on its respective console...whether it was from launch or the middle or even the end of the life cycle. PC's don't work that way.

Another problem is the PC's full-scale operating system (usually Windows). With consoles, you plug in a game and go; booting takes very little time. You don't have to worry about resident programs running in the background, antivirus software, or spyware.

PC's keep me employed, but I would never recommend that someone become a PC gamer. It's not worth it, and comes with a ridiculous amount of hassle if all you want to do is game.


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