Friday, April 20, 2007

March NPD leaves PS3 behind...

March NPD sales data shows Nintendo pwning competition (again) - Nintendo Wii Fanboy

This article shows that the "gimmicky" DS and Wii are still powerhouses in the market, although the PS2 is still selling strong. However, I still think that higher Wii supply would knock the junky PS2 down to third place.

Even better, the Xbox 360 sold 35% more than the PS3. Neither console is difficult to find, so we'll see what the future holds. While it seems that this is a victory for MS, keep in mind that the PS3 still has nothing for games. Resistance was a last-resort-hit, if you've ever played it. It's a great game for FPS newcomers (read Playstation gamers), standard fare for everyone else.

I had to take the jab. The PS3 asks for it.

Anyway, once a couple of hit games come to the system, the PS3 should get moving.


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