Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wii weaker than Xbox 1, but can pretend

Robbie Bach snipes the Wii

The challenge they have is that third parties aren't going to make much money on this platform because Nintendo is going to make all that money, and their ability to compete with something like a Halo or produce an experience like Madden on their system is going to be tough. They don't have the graphics horsepower that even Xbox 1 had

The above-linked article is investigative with anonymous developers.

One point of speculation was this: does the Wii have programmable shaders, either vertex shaders, pixel shaders, or both, as did the original Xbox? The answer, according to our first source, was no.

However, the developer continues to explain that the weaker graphics hardware can "come close" or essentially mimic the newer design. From what we've seen so far...this really hasn't be utilitized. Let's face it...Wii graphics are ugly compared to the competition...and even against the older Xbox!

the Wii's graphics chip, comparing its fixed-function design to that the Gamecube, saying that it was "basically pretty similar" to Nvidia's seven-year-old GeForce2.

The article concludes that Robbie is right, although maybe not to the extreme assumed.

After playing the Wii, I always wondered why it didn't perform all that well. It was supposed to be on par with the original Xbox...but that's hardly the case. Even with current releases...the PS2 seems to out-perform the Wii (although this shouldn't continue into the future).

Maybe Microsoft should just re-invent the original Xbox with a motion controller. LOL. Nah, we love Nintendo, no matter how disappointing this news is.


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