Wednesday, May 09, 2007

RUMOR: Universal decides to go Blu-ray - PS3 Fanboy

RUMOR: Universal decides to go Blu-ray - PS3 Fanboy

That's horrible news...and I don't even own an HD-DVD player. Hopefully it's not true...but people are being sucked into the Blu-ray scam daily. Thankfully the average consumer still doesn't know what the hell Blu-ray is. Even the sales people don't understand it.

It's really unfortunate, since HD-DVD has the better licensing, the better authoring tools, didn't use MPEG2, has less DRM, and uses a more sensible language for the purpose than Java. Not to mention that Blu-ray is still needing to catch up to the menu features/interactive extras that HD-DVD has had all along. And HD-DVD players are already sub $300 which is by far more realistic.

It's nice have a Blu-ray Player/PS3...but I just haven't been impressed with Blu-ray as whole.


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