Monday, May 14, 2007

Parents buy 42" Bravia....unfortunately I'm unimpressed

Apparently my Dad couldn't resist a week ago and they decided to spend the big bucks on a Sony Bravia 46" LCD TV to put above their mantle. It is to replace their 7 year (?) old 55" Sony rear projection STTV.

It looks like the old TV is staying awhile (mom doesn't want to burn in the stock banners into the new tv like she did with the old one), so maybe my "two big screens in the living room" setup is catching on. LOL

I'm a little upset that they didn't take me with them when shopping for a new TV. I warned them that HDTV's are a lot more complicated than the televisions of old. But hey, when Dad wants something (which is rare) he doesn't have a lot of patience. At least they listened to me on brands (Sony, Samsung, Toshiba (non-projection), Mitsubishi).

Thankfully, the Bravia is 1080p, has an optical out, and three HDMI outputs and 7000:1 contrast ratio. They should be good for a little while. It sounds like the salesperson ingrained that "TruHD" bull that Sony is pushing.

My mom kept asking me if we were looking at 1080p while they were watching their SD DirectTV broadcast. I said, "No, all you are going to get is 1080i. If you want 1080p support you'll only get it with a Blu-ray or HD-DVD movie. I guess I'll have to leave you guys my PS3 for a little bit."

Anyway, SDTV signals looked awful...worse than any of our HDTV's at my house. I did some adjustments to clean it up as much as I could, but unless standing 20-30 feet away, the picture was near unbearable. The Wii was tolerable, but GH2 on PS2 was painful to look at.

Speaking of, the calibration in GH2 was over 100 I've been complaining about 30-50.

I let them know they'll have to sign up for HD programming, which is probably extra. I think all that mattered to them was that they had a TV on the wall. LOL

I'm not sure that I'm ready to retract my support of Sony Televisions, but I'm surprised that it doesn't automatically clean up 480i signals. My TV at least upscales it...and it was $1300 cheaper. Different type of TV though. I'll stand by my "projection over LCD and Plasma" recommendation still.


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