Friday, May 11, 2007

PS3fanboy poll on Blu-ray movies...scary results?

PS3 Poll Police: How many Blu-ray movies do you own? - PS3 Fanboy

At this time, 27% of people claim to have "all of the Blu-ray movies". However, the comments indicate that people voting "None" are getting lumped into the "all" category. That seems a bit more realistic. With 200+ BRD's available at $30 a pop, that's over $6000. If that was the truth, no wonder they thought of the PS3 as a cheap Blu-ray player!

Obviously, it's some kind of mistake. However, check out the comments. There's a couple that claim to have 20+ BRD movies. That's the PS3's price alone. Maybe PS3 owners' gusto in buying something useful for their game machine is inflating the numbers. Since the games don't have a lot going on, why not buy movies, right? This format war is ridiculous.


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