Friday, June 22, 2007

"You've got another thing coming..." -Judas Priest

I'm starting to think that I'm subscribed to too many blogs. I can't really keep up. Anyhow, I wanted to quickly cover some things on the way that have my interest.

Falling Leaf Studios is all about making Halo 2 Vista....XP-i-tized. That's good, because I'm avoiding Vista as long as possible, but want to try H2PC.

It looks like my dream of playing old Tomb Raider will be realized. It will be downloadable to Legends, but I'll just wait for the retail release.

The PS3 will be getting "more AV features". I've not had a chance to see what they are, but anything to that console will help.

Wiiside, it looks like a non-Nyko vendor has come up with a decent battery pack/charging solution for Wii Remotes. The price is right, too. I've not wanted to drop $60 on two charging stations, so I may go this route.

My second favorite RPG, Xenosaga, is getting it's own animated DVD set. The story was phenomenal compared to many other RPG's although I think Xenogears had it the best. I'll probably buy this set on sheer principle.

Lastly, I'm surprised that Rock Band will be mostly affordable. I'm a little pissed that the Xbox 360 wireless guitars will cost more than the PS version. It probably has to do with MS's licensing or something....unless they had to make their own wireless setup. We'll see I guess.'s too early for Christmas...but damn there's some big holes due for my wallet.


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