Thursday, June 21, 2007

8-bit ending nostalgia

Wiifanboy brings our attention to the 8-bit days of game-ending scenery, curtesy of While most of the games didn't hit my retro-heart, Ninja Gaiden and Megaman always will.

As a kid, I always remember finding it funny that the NES Ninja Gaidens always had a sunset/rise at that end. No matter, I beat the first two multiple times and had a personal rule to watch all the cutscenes every single time unless I was going for an unofficial speed run.

Megaman really didn't do cutscenes in its 8-bit days...until the end of the game. The game and the endings were always the same (or similar) until "the blue bomber" upgraded. Yet somehow the little man running home was some how just enough award...even without achievement points. ;)

Nowadays, Final Fantasy has raised our standards. An artistic 8-bit scene and some words used to we expect actual emotion to be invoked and some impressive CG prerenders. Not that there's room to complain, but simplicity seems to disappear as the years go on. It sure gives meaning to the cliche, "The good ol' days."


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