Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mish-mash Vol. 5, Mostly Microsoft Good and Bad

Keeping up with the news lately has been impossible lately. I've had some old friends come back into my life lately, and I've not had much time to sit down and get involved. I've been home mostly to just sleep. And SqueakyNinja has been needing help as well. Crazy times.

Let's talk 360:

Supposedly, the upcoming HDMI converter will now support 1080p in non-Elite 360's. The idea is to translate the 360's output to digital before it goes to the TV, thus cutting out the need for the TV to do the conversion. Again, I witness 1080i and 1080p all the time between the 360 and the PS3. There really isn't much for a discernable difference. But some people are crazy I guess.

The faulty 360 problem seems to have become quite an issue lately. The media is all over it, especially since the word is that MS is receiving 2500 broken consoles a day in UK. It's really disappointing that these problems are occuring. Let's see if they can nip this one in the butt before it becomes like Sony's DRE problem. It's really close to getting there.

To add to that...there is apparently some video problems creeping up as well. The colors fade or there is no video output. This isn't looking good. I haven't noticed any problems with my 360 since I got my original replaced last December. Knock on wood.

Lucky for Microsoft, they've got some solid titles this summer. Bioshock, Blacksite, Blue Dragon, and The Darkness should give us plenty to do. Hopefully these games meet or surpass the hype, because Microsoft needs more heavy hitters in it's corners. All of these titles are new, which is even better.


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