Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More HD-DVD and Blu-ray time wasting

More mini-victories are being heralded in the does-this-really-matter format war of late. The whole debacle seems to only have steam because it relates to gaming consoles...does the average consumer even care? The latest news says gamers are more interested in my opinion. just seems like a fight over who is the lesser loser.

HD-DVD and Blu-ray via 360 and PS3 respectively outsold stand-alone players last April. In HD-DVD's case, the 360 attachment sold 55% more than the stand-alone players, which are now in the $300 range from Toshiba. Blu-ray players are getting to PS3 pricing, but it hardly matters since PS3's are the most sold Blu-ray player.

Interestingly, Blu-ray players seems to be doing worse than HD-DVD players, but Blu-ray movies seem to be selling more. HD-DVD isn't obliterated yet, but many have low-hopes. If they can keep rushing with a plethora of titles every month, interest will wane at a lesser rate, or not at all.

A loss for the consumer and a win for the movie makers; BD+ for Blu-ray has been finalized. BD+ is MORE copy-protection for some one or some group to hack passed in the future. However, this "extra protective" condom seems to have won Fox and Disney over, and Blu-ray will probably see more releases because of this.

Blu-ray supporters are doing happy dances everywhere, but it still seems to me that the general consumer still doesn't care. DVD sales are down by around 8% at this point, and some would like to be it's because Blu-ray/HD-DVD. Either way, it almost seems that it would be better if someone would just give in so we could move on.


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