Sunday, July 01, 2007

Turned on the dustbox PS3 to play Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Demo (PS2)

I'm surprised the PS3 even turned on! It wants me to update, but we already know how I feel about the ridiculous updating process, so I passed.

I had to create a new virtual memory card (I don't remember deleting the old one...), and the game started.

Right off the bat, it's telling me to plug in a dualshock controller because it cannot sense one is present. I'm thinking, "Does this game need rumble?" No, the PS3 just shut off the controller again for whatever reason. The battery has charge; it holds it for a long time in standby which is impressive. Now if they'd just stop forcing the controller to shut off and such stupid times (updates, exiting a game, etc.)

Dark Mirror is pretty much a Splinter-Cell-minus-stealth wannabe. The controls are horrid, and the only the analog sticks can be swapped. Customizable controls are a necessity guys. Why learn a whole new control scheme for a run-of-the-mill game such as this? Playstation games have severe problems when it comes to games-with-guns. They always do poorly with the controls, and it doesn't help the the Dualshock layout sucks for all analog-controlled games. Can I have the d-pad and slap it on the 360 controller? That's all I want from it.

Anyway, the protagonist can hug walls, has some vision modes, and has a few guns. That about somes it up. Bad guys find you, and you shoot them. Thankfully the AI is stupid, so you have enough time to figure out how the hell to zoom in with your sniper.

If I remember right...this is just a port of the PSP game. I never really paid attention to the series; Sony just sent me this demo. It looks like it gets the toss into the old garbage can.


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