Monday, July 02, 2007

In PSP world: Bye Dark_Alex and 3.5 DG blocks

The homebrew/hacking scene has made some strides as of late, while losing it's greatest contributor.

Dark_Alex, the PSP homebrewer responsibilty for emulating firmwares, downgrading firmwares, and making custom firmware is retiring so-to-speak. Who can blame him? Sony is no doubt waiting for the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat on the homebrew scene in poor attempts of stopping piracy.

In other news, Lumines continues to be the best thing to happen to the PSP so far. Some determined individuals found a buffer overload that enabled the creation of a sought-after 3.5 downgrader. Sweet.

And naturally, such a thing left Lumines sales through the roof.

Why is the most exciting things that happen to the PSP NOT provided by Sony?


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