Monday, July 02, 2007

360's...more yay's and neigh's.

It looks like some are ready to get all class-action on Microsoft. Well, a suit may not currently be in the works, but it sounds like it will get there. And here I thought Microsoft wasn't going to emulate the PS2's failure-rate-success.

At least the 360 beats the competition for most-hyped launch. Not that makes any RRoD victims feel any better.

Microsoft is no doubt happy that Sony has to hang its head in shame for losing another exclusive. While I can't say Fatal Inertia had me pumped or anything, it did seem to be an interesting title. Koei has been touting it since the PS3 was launching. Does the fact Koei turned their back on the PS3 mean anything?

Microsoft can stand proud knowing that the PS3 is failing to match their success. In respective launch times. The linked article talks about why this is the case rather than talking about the PS3 being the dusty turd that it is in my entertainment center. Hint: Marketing, games, and PS2.

It sounds like MS is doing right in the software department. Now if they'd just get that hardware to stop blinking red.


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